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Welcome to Vantrú

Mynd af Welcome

At the last board meeting it was decided that starting from the 1st of March, each citizen of Iceland will be registered as a member of Vantrú. You, Dear Reader, will therefore become a member of Vantrú, as of now the most numerous organization in Iceland - unless you specifically decide to disaffiliate yourself from our society.

Do not worry because everyone will become a member of Vantrú

For those who are expecting a child after the date of registration there is no need to feel anxious that your newborn won't be included in this lively and vibrant community. We will, of course, automatically register your children to Vantrú, regardless of age, your consent or knowledge; we feel this is by far the most effective and reasonable way of procedure.

Simple voluntary disaffiliation

In the unlikely event that you actually wish not to be part of Vantrú, the disaffiliation process is fairly straightforward. If you are 18 years or older, just send us your notice of disaffiliation with an attachment of a photocopy of your picture identification and your ID number to the e-mail address: disaffiliatefromvantru(at)

We are fully aware that the process is minutely more intricate than today’s disaffiliation process from the National Church, but keep in mind that earlier, one had to traverse down to the National Registry office during opening hours, on weekdays for the same purpose.

Clear answers to very weak arguments

Some members of Vantrú expressed their objections against this motion. However, the board of directors stated that this is the official and recognized method of amassing individuals to certain institutions. This method has been in practice by the Icelandic state for quite some time in regards to a specific religious institution.

At the inception of the Republic of Iceland, almost every citizen of the state was registered to the National Church whether they liked it or not. For some time it was basically illegal not to be a member of the National Church. This registration literally and lawfully passed on from generation to generation. Those who did not want to be members of the National Church were required to put considerable effort into disaffiliating themselves from an organisation they never actually signed up for.

Taking these arguments into consideration, the soon-to-be record growth in membership of Vantrú does have a legal precedent and in that regard must be considered as just and fair.

In Vantrú we will have so much fun!

Our fight for basic human rights in Iceland will obviously be much more effective since almost all citizens of Iceland are now in fact members. We also wish that media will publicly state that the membership of our organization totals 330.000 from now on.

Dear Member. Welcome to the largest grassroot movement in Iceland and don't be startled when you see the membership invoice on your online banking account.

Best regards, The Board of Directors

This is satire and is directed towards the current affiliation of state and church in Iceland. The article was first published on the 23rd of February. Due to some foreign interest, following the uproar of indignation on local social media, we kindly translated the article into English.

Ritstjórn 28.03.2015
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